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Date:Tuesday February 10, 2004 5:23:06 pm MST
Subject:Re: Vacation??????
Message:If I were you, I would fork over the big bucks and take him to an Avian boarder or take him with you. I had a bad experience with a pet sitter that I trusted, and would no longer trust anyone other than a "bird person" When I went on vacation last summer 3 of my lovebirds died (they were starved, but the other 2 lovebirds and the 4 canaries were okay), fortunately Corky was my only big parrot and he had went with us. Especially with all the other pets to worry about, I had two dogs, two cats, a ferret, and two rats besides my birds. A good boarder will at least make sure he gets human contact, even if he or she can't handle him and make sure he gets exactly what you specify for his meals. I plan on taking Corky and Tweek to a boarder next summer, and Gracie is going with us.

Becky wrote:
> Hello everyone,  
>   It's been a while since I've posted, I really just enjoy the
> reading, But I have a little problem.  My family is going on vacation
> to Ohio in June.  MY father-in-law will be staying here to feed
> Sammy, the dogs, cats, hamsters, etc...  My problem is....Sammy
> doesn't like him.  We have tried getting her used to him but she
> bites him so hard that she draws blood.  I have been her primary
> caregiver for the past 7 months.  Does anyone know how she might
> react to him being her caregiver for 5 days?  I know that he won't be
> able to keep her out of her cage for long periods of time, because he
> works such long hours and won't be here much of the day.  If anyone
> has any suggestions.  I would be grateful.  Thanks.  
>   Becky and Sammy

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