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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Tuesday February 10, 2004 5:08:54 pm MST
Subject:Re: Nanday troubles
Message:Sorry to hear you're going through this. I have some ideas for you, because I've been dealing with a similar situation between family and birds. There are few people who can tolerate conure noise... I love my birds so it is not a problem, but the other people don't have that connection with them. I have a flock of 11 right now, but noise is not much of a problem, I've learned to manage it.

First, my guys are on a 9 to 5 schedule. Lights go on at 8-9 (or thereabouts) and off when it gets dark, usually around 5-7. I use a timer and kind of follow the daylight changes. This keeps the birds from interfering with the family, because they wake up after my parents leave for work and go to bed before they return. I spend about an hour with them around noon, and another couple of hours before they go to bed.

Second, I change food and water early in the morning, before they wake up and start screaming for me to fetch their breakfast.

Third, I keep them busy as much as possible. When they are bathing, or wet and preening, or ripping up toys, or hunting for treats, they are too busy to scream.

Fourth, I take them places. One or two at a time. They are well clipped, and they are much better behaved in unfamiliar surroundings. On my shoulder I can actually hush the conure by putting my hand over him...

Now you have to remember they are great watchbirds, so of course your guy screams whenever something happens. He is trying to alert the flock, or call to the flock because he feels left behind. It gets worse if you let him out when he's screaming, because he learns to scream to be released. You could move the cage in a more secluded area, and get him a separate play stand so he can spend time with your family. Set a schedule for him, so he knows he has to be alone in the cage sometimes, and teach him to play with his toys in his cage, so he can entertain himself without you. Sometimes leaving a radio on can help, by giving him something interesting to hear, and by blocking out the sounds to which he screams in response (opening doors, etc.)

The most important thing is not to respond to his screams. Totally ignore, or give him a dirty look and turn your back. When he is quiet, or making softer noises, reward and play with him. With enough entertaining things to do, and consistent training on your part, he can become quieter. Nandays are naturally loud though, so don't expect total silence...

If you still have to find a home for him, you can post on this message board, and let us know what city/state you're in. Maybe someone nearby can take him in and give him a good home.

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