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Date:Tuesday February 10, 2004 4:37:30 pm MST
Message:Hello everyone,  
  It's been a while since I've posted, I really just enjoy the reading, But I have a little problem.  My family is going on vacation to Ohio in June.  MY father-in-law will be staying here to feed Sammy, the dogs, cats, hamsters, etc...  My problem is....Sammy doesn't like him.  We have tried getting her used to him but she bites him so hard that she draws blood.  I have been her primary caregiver for the past 7 months.  Does anyone know how she might react to him being her caregiver for 5 days?  I know that he won't be able to keep her out of her cage for long periods of time, because he works such long hours and won't be here much of the day.  If anyone has any suggestions.  I would be grateful.  Thanks.  
  Becky and Sammy

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