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Date:Tuesday February 10, 2004 4:18:24 pm MST
Subject:Re: Nanday troubles
Message:Wow Nick, that's a shame that you have to get rid of your Nanday. Let me ask you you have him near a window of some sort? or do you have a dog/cat? Sometimes Nandays get frightened by outside sights and sounds or animals that they perceive to be predators. Sometimes merely taking them away from the distraction is helpful. Do you cover your bird up at night? Nandays require at least 12 hours of sleep. Maybe that is the reason he is so loud. Nandays are loud by nature but the noise level can be controlled with a few changes in your home. You could try changing his schedule so he doesn't cry out so early in the morning. Like put him to bed at 9:30PM and wake him up at 11:30AM. This way everyone isn't so aggravated in the morning. Does he have lots of colorful chew toys in his cage? That might keep him occupied. Nandays need to learn to be a bit independent. Actually spending too much time with them makes them act out when you don't play with them. He has to learn to have his own separate play time. Maybe you could make a deal with your mom to try these tricks out for a week or so. If she's not convinced after the two weeks, then you should find him a home that will be tolerant of his behavior. The good news is that Nandays are very adaptable and he will eventually get used to his new owner, so don't feel so bad. If you need more help. Feel free to post more questions. Hope this helps.

Nick wrote:
> Ok, heres the deal, I am 14, and bought my first nanday, in july/03. I
> love him and spend tons of time with it. But unfortunately my family
> HATES the screaming he does, he is very loud when someone walks by
> the cage, or hears any doors open. Basically my mother told me i had
> to get rid of him, i really don't want to but, the screaming is
> unbearable even to me. If i give him away, will he be ok? i feel
> extremely bad. If anyone can help me i will be very grateful.
>      Nick Bauer

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