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Date:Saturday February 7, 2004 2:11:47 pm MST
Subject:Re: OT Missing Girl in Florida
Message:Dear Lynda:
I just want to say how sorry I am about what happened to Carlie.  You knew her, and this must be so very sad and difficult for you.  You did what you could.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family and those who knew her.

Lynda wrote:
> I am posting this everywhere I can on the internet.  
> A girl is missing from my community. We know her.
> She was abducted in Sarasota , Florida Sunday Evening. It was caught
> on video. The girl's name is Carlie. She has shoulder length blonde
> hair, blue eyes, 5 feet tall, 120 pounds wearing a red shirt,
> bluejeans , carrying a pink backpack. Her abductor has dark hair,
> tanned, with tattoos on each forearm. He was wearing a dark colored
> (maybe dark grey) Mechanic or tow truck driver uniform. They could be
> anywhere by now
> Any tips please call. Sarasota Sheriff Department (941) 861-4260
> $50,000 reward for tips leading to her return.
> Please Help Us Find Carlie!

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