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Date:Saturday February 7, 2004 7:03:59 am MST
Subject:question about nandays. please help!
Message:auryn1 wrote:
> hi i've just got a couple of questions which i hope someone can help
> me with. We've got 2 nanday conures a male and female. the female is
> slightly tame and sits on my shoulder. she wont bite me if i pick her
> up and wolf whistles. My question is there any way of sexing them ,
> we did have the female dna tested which proved her female but she has
> some behaviors which make her seem like a male. The male isnt very
> tame as he was bought from an aviary breeder. I had him tested too
> before we bought him and he does sing, well the way parrots do!! They
> rub themselves on each other in a sexual way but i've found it just
> means they like each other. Is the female supposed to feed the male??
> and she also does a head bobbing dance and struts from one end of the
> stick to the other. is this normal?? she also grabs his leg so he
> cant get away and rubs her tail (cloaca) on his. if anyone has seen
> this or got an explanation for it please let me know.
> many thanks

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