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Date:Friday February 6, 2004 5:55:59 pm MST
Subject:Re: homemade fun
Message:I sort of do the same thing. We find a nice dead tree with some nifty placed branches. We bring it into the sap shack and wash it down and then lean it near the fires to sort of bake. Constantly turning so there is no burning. We screw it to a board that is placed one a sturdy stool. Sort of makes a great base. Then we may string some braided leather ropes from one branch to another. Hang toys here and there all over it and also attach two food bowls one filled with fresh fruits and veggys and the other with water. My guys all love this.

A neat idea for homemade toys are those ABC blocks. The ones for babies so they arent sprayed painted etc with harmfull chemicals. Give them a good cleaning then drill holes (if they dont come with holes already) and string them up with small wooden spools and other wooden shapes. My nanday loves them and flings them about. For some indistructable (sp) toys golf balls work well lol. My hubbs drills holes thru them and strings them up for my birdy babies (and he hates my birds too but makes them toys)if anyone else has some neat things that you usually find around the house let me know. Im constantly trying to entertain my birdy babies.

(p.s has anyone tried those bird diapers? Called Flightsuits??)

Anna and Boo wrote:
> I know for sure that manzanita, eucaliptus, maple, liquidambar (sp?),
> aspen, birch, cork-bark oak, cajeput/melaleuca, and bottlebrush, are
> safe. Old, thoroughly dried pine branches are also safe, but fresh
> are not, because of the sticky sap. I have used all of these with my
> fids. Cajeput, cork oak, bottlebrush, and certain kinds of eucaliptus
> have a thick layer of shreddy bark, which the birds love to peel off.
> Makes a huge mess all over, but lots of fun and quiet busy-ness for
> the birds. Lasts a while, too, because the wood under the bark is
> fairly hard. Manzanita is very hard and slick, it makes the least
> mess (hard to chew up) but it's best to rough up the branches a bit
> so they're not too slippery. It also tends to crack if you dry it out
> too quickly. The rest fall in between. Moderate mess, and quickly
> destroyed.
> Cajeputj/melaleuca/tea-tree is a pest tree in florida, so if you're
> out there, cutting them is just fine. I'm in CA, so I get most of my
> branches from tree trimmers. (If anyone from FL can send me some
> cajeput branches, I'll be very happy. I'll even pay shipping. Or
> trade for some manzanita if I get a chance to collect any.)
> I usually just wash the branches very thoroughly, I don't bake them.
> Most are too big to bake anyways *grin*. Never had problems with bird
> parasites, but the huge branchy multi-trunk tree-thing in my conure
> aviary does have a colony of wood-boring beetles in it. I don't mind
> the beetles much, they are interesting critters, so I don't try to
> kill them. The conures usually intercept any free roaming beetles
> anyway. But if you don't like uninvited insects, by all means, bake
> whatever wood you use.
> The best way to attach branches to a plastic tray is probably by
> drilling a hole through the tray and base of the branch, and
> attaching the branch with a bolt or screw (from underside of the
> tray). You can then get some stainless screw eyes, attach them to the
> branches, and hang toys from them. Sounds like a fun project, good
> luck.

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