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Date:Friday February 6, 2004 10:22:09 am MST
Subject:Conure is screaming anytime we enter the room
Message:I have a conure that I adopted from a neighbor who was going to Germany.  For the years she had him, they kept him covered with a dark green blanket from day to night, but left the door open to his cage if he wanted to come out and sit on his perch.  We have had him for 1.5 years now.  He has his cage completely open from day until night.  He is in a room with my 15 yr. old son and his cockatiel.  He loves both of those birds dearly.  Stanley, our conure, was doing wonderfully.  I can get him out of his cage, with a glove, and then he is a little teadybear.  He gives kisses, etc.  I know conures are EXTREMELY loud, but what we don't understand is why he is screaming for no reason now, when someone enters my son's room, including me, my sons, and my husband, when he has never done this.  We get him out and he likes to go for rides in the car, etc., but maybe we just need to get him out more.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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