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Date:Wednesday February 4, 2004 4:14:11 pm MST
Subject:homemade fun
Message:first off i want to say that me and peejo are still happily living together. my landlords haven't said anything since and hes much quieter *although mikey is mimicking his call which doesn't help, hehe* and i've decided to make a playpen for him. i have a swing, a perch with these spining multicolored jewel looking gizmos *aren't i good at explaining? hehe* and a ladder that i bought but can't fit into his cage without it being to crowded. so for the play area i want to use a plastic tray for the bottom, for easy cleaning and a smooth walking surface, and attach all of these things in some way. i also wanted to make two perches for him made of real wood branches, but what kind are good for birds? i read i have to bake the branches first to get rid of any pest, is that rite? and if i do find any good sticks, how can i find out what kind of wood it is? what ideas do you guys have? thanks!

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