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Date:Wednesday February 4, 2004 3:25:13 pm MST
Subject:Re: snuggle butts
Message:My nanday is like a texas summer, one minute gentle the next a texas twister. When he is in a snuggle mood he crams his body in the crook of your neck. And if you try to remove him he will fight to stay there. I usually put my hair into a pony tail when Im going to take him out or otherwise he would tangle his self up in a yard of black snarls. If he gets annoyed or is really lovy he will go under my pony tail at the base and "dig" hisself into my hair and make a nest. If were laying in bed he will get on a pillow next to me so my husband wont dare get close lol. I just recently clipped his wings since we were having problems with him dive bombing the dogs and his facination with boiling pots on the stove. Even with the very close clipping he can fly from the floor to a perch near the ceiling. But wont fly down without landing on my head and screaming at the computer screen and going potty on my head lol. When he does that he rubs his beak against my head and "coos"

Carrie wrote:
> I found it amazing the people that told Rick and I both before and
> after we got Jacques how we would regret it.  For a while I was
> waiting for all this bad stuff to happen.  She is such a sweetheart
> and such a part of our family, there is no way we could ever give her
> up.  She is bright, inquisitive, funny, talented, and very very
> loving.  She does at times let her joie de' vive be known in a very
> loud way:) but thats how I know she is happy:)
> Our fids are such individuals and I am glad for it:)
> Carrie and the Crew

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