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Date:Tuesday February 3, 2004 9:11:16 pm MST
Subject:Re: Biting
Message:When we first found Guapo we had a similar experiences. He would bite us and draw blood! It got to the point that if we wanted him out we would have to either take the entire top off his cage or I'd have to reach in and manually extract him (which hurt like heck!) The biting was cured in time by giving him an evil stare and a forceful "NO BITE" after each mauling. It took months of this before it clicked that he wasn't going to win the battle. He still gets a bit meepy with me and his mom still needs a glove to get him out of the cage but he's dramatics improved. He's a big mush pile who loves to give lots of kisses and play in bed and preen us. Every Fid is different and might need alternate means to change his or her evil ways. Patience is your best friend! When you and Vinnie finally come to peace you'll have a bond and friendship that will be well worth the time and pain. I don't know how I'd get along without Guapo he's my lil man!
Good luck,

Vinnie's Parents wrote:
> We have had Vinnie for about 4 months now and he still bites us. We
> are talking take a big chunk out of your hand, not a little nip.  Is
> there something wrong with him or us?  Also, he will not let us get
> him out of his cage unless we have a washcloth or a glove on our
> hand. And then when we finally do get him out, he just runs back to
> his cage and stands there until we put him back in there (oh and by
> the way, we take him in another room to play with him, he just walks
> back to his room and stands by the door)If anyone has some advise,
> please e-mail us or post a message. Thank you so much.

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