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Date:Saturday January 31, 2004 10:35:12 pm MST
Subject:Re: Thanks
Message:Thanks Carrie for the advise. I will certainly remember to down play the bite!

Carrie wrote:

> > at is a year old, he is hard to get to come out of the cage and then
> > when I am ready to take him off of my shoulder and place back into
> > the cage I get bit really hard. Does anyone know if this is something
> > that I can teach him to stop doing or should I consider a younger
> > bird.  
> Hi Jenny:)
> I had this same problem with my Jacques!  She would be such a little
> turd when I went to take her off my shoulder.  She LOVES to ride
> around there and on the back of my shirt while I'm doing things
> around the house.  What worked for me is I stopped reacting to her
> bite and kept making her step up.  You have to remember Nanday's are
> MAJOR drama queens!  If it makes a commotion they want to be smack
> dab in the middle of it.  When I stopped reacting, she slowly
> realized it wasn't fun any more to bite Mommy.  She still pitches a
> fit, but its just to let me know she wants to stay where she is:)  My
> significant other STILL gets all animated and emotional when she
> bites him and guess what?  She NAILS him every time:)
> Carrie and the Crew

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