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Date:Thursday January 29, 2004 11:37:52 am MST
Subject:New Animal Laws- What!?
Message:Ok first off Im not trying to stir up trouble. Ive seen this posted in several animal groups and today after reading it once more in a "showdog" community I decided to go research it and give ya'll a heads up.

"The City of Austin is considering revising the current animal control ordinance. PETA was present in force at the first meeting and is pushing for very stringent licensing and numbers restrictions. They are proposing:

1. All dogs and cats must be spayed after 5 months.
2. All dogs and cats that go through animal control will be spayed or neutered before returned to the owner.
3. Charge Breeders a $500 fee to be licensed. So, for breeders, if your Champion is accidentally let out by the meter reader and gets picked up by Animal Control, they will spay/neuter it before you can get it back. This must be stopped, as it will spawn copycat legislation all over Texas if it is enacted.

Please act now! The next hearing is Tuesday, January 27 6:30 p.m. I am told the animal advisory committee is all AR except two members. They will probably pass this. The only way to stop it is to contact the mayor and city officials. But a large and vocal group attending the meeting will help, especially if the media is informed.

South Austin Neighborhood Center
2508 Durwood Dr.
Austin, TX 78704

The email below has more details.

Charlotte McGowan, Legislative Liaison, PCA, ASSA, NAIA Education

Austin TX Action Alert!
Permission to forward and crosspost

George Armstrong has agreed to be the local clearinghouse and coordinator for opposition to the proposed "animal rights" legislation in Austin. A $500 fee for unaltered animals is being discussed.

George agreed to do this but it is a big job and he needs help. George will set up an e-mail *group* so that all interested parties will be notified of action alerts and information that is essential to defeat this
legislation. RPOA will be included and all of us can then forward any alerts to our respective e-lists. There will always be AR *lurkers* but maybe they will learn something!

E-mail George Armstrong if you are in the Austin area and want to help with this very important effort. George is a member of the Austin Kennel Club, Lone Star Miniature Schnauzer Club, American Miniature Schnauzer Club and the Gateway Terrier Association.

As a Texas State Federation for the American Kennel Club, the Responsible Pet Owners Alliance will be heavily involved and has sent George the information that will defeat these proposals -- which are proven failures
where they were passed in 1991-1992. We also sent him many fliers for Austin pet lovers to distribute including: Why Pets Are Surrendered to Shelters, The Difference Between Animal Rights & Animal Welfare, Why Not
Breeder Permits, The "Guardian" Word, FBI Report on Animal Rights, and others.

This proposed "animal rights" legislation in Austin regards mandatory spay/neuter of all dogs and cats, breeders' permits, and exotic animals regulations (which could affect parrot owners we're told). We'll have more
information after the public hearing next Tuesday in Austin.

These proposals must be stopped in their tracks or copycat ordinances will appear in every Texas city. Most important is the national study on "Why Pets Are Surrendered to Shelters"
by the National Council on Pet Population. Breeders are not listed in this study.

Leash laws, animal nuisance laws and animal cruelty laws solve most animal problems. Additional legislation is not needed - just enforcement of existing laws.

The "animal rights" movement is opposed to the ownership, use and breeding

My son show Pigs and Rabbits for the FFA and 4H and this will affect him as well here is what the rabbit breeder sent back to me as to what is happing with this as well:


Thank you! If you haven't done so, visit our forum. This is
a BIG problem and is impacting rabbit breeders in some
areas. Lubbock is being targeted. I sent notices to a number
of rabbit breeders and only had one response. Little do they
realize what this could do to 4H shows. Many 4H shows are
held INSIDE the city limits! I wish people would wake up!

Linda Welch
"Rabbits, People, and Conversation!""

"**Please cross post far and wide -- This affects all pet owners and breeders
in the US**

It's not Chicken Little stuff any more, guys, and it's not just dangerous
dog laws and breed's real, it's serious breeding restrictions and
it's coming to your town. If you aren't aware of the animal rights agenda
to end all breeding and ownership of pets, it's time to find out about it.
(The links at the bottom of this will get you started) The attack has begun
in earnest. Check your state legislative sites for information on any
animal bills that have been proposed and read them carefully. Find out
about proposed city and county ordinances.

*** There is no requirement that lawmakers inform the people who will be
affected by's up to us to find out about them -- don't count on
someone else or some organization doing it for you! ***

If you value your right to own and breed dogs or cats, please join us on the
Pet-Law list to discuss ways to prevent losing those rights, learn about
laws in your area, and find out what you can do. Many of these laws also
affect owners of reptiles, small mammals, and birds. Go to or send a blank email to

Here are just a few examples of what pet lovers are fighting right now:

NATIONAL - The Puppy Protection Act is back. Read AKC's stance on it.

OKLAHOMA - Breeder registration statewide that will cost hobby breeders who
have more than three intact animals, $1000 a year. Penalty for
noncompliance involves a $500 fine and/or six months in jail and you turn
over your litter to animal control.

VIRGINIA - 1) Proposed "study" on shelter overpopulation that is *mandated*
to end in a bill for breeder registration ($2500 per litter for hobby
breeders unless you plan to keep them all; then it's $250 per litter or
$1000 for three litters or more) and mandatory spay/neuter laws. (If it's a
"study," how do they know the outcome already?)

2) Dangerous dog bill which defines "potentially dangerous dog" in such a
way that a dog barking or growling from behind a fence can be so labeled and
become subject to regulation and restrictions by a locality.

3) A law limiting the number of dogs a rescuer (or anyone else) can get from
a shelter to two per month.

TEXAS - Mandatory spay/neuter law Austin, restrictive rescue laws in San

WISCONSIN - licensing and inspection of breeders who sell 25 or more pets
per year possibly funded by an increase in licensing fees for all dog
owners. Violators could face fines of up to $10,000 and 9 months in prison.

ILLINOIS - Chicago - breed ban on American Staffordshire Terriers, American
Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and any mix of those. No
grandfather clause for current owners.

Here are some laws already in effect:

NORTH CAROLINA - Buncombe County (Asheville) has already enacted mandatory
spay/neuter laws. Breeders pay $100 per unsterilized animal. Breeders in
Asheville are working to have this one repealed.

COLORADO - DENVER - Breeding is ILLEGAL in Denver County. Intact permit
costs $43 per animal per year, is *not* a breeding permit, and may or may
not be issued at the discretion of the county.

And there's more. See for
NEW MEXICO, VIRGINIA, and WASHINGTON. This is a PETA site touting their
successes. Notice that they say nothing about the actual results of these

AKC's position on mandatory spay/neuter laws:
These laws are actually a big fraud -- they don't work. If they did,
responsible breeders would support them. But they are impossible to enforce
and encourage dumping of animals. Pet licenses sold and vaccinations go
down. People still get puppies...they just get them from unlicensed,
illegal breeders or go out of state for them. Shelter workers hate
euthanasia and shelter directors have lots of influence over enforcement
practices. After two years there is (near as we can tell) rarely any
general enforcement of these laws. But they go hand-in-hand with breeder
registration, usually with punitive annual fees per intact animal, and are
intended to stop all breeding, not reduce euthanasia. If you doubt this, go

Please visit the following sites to learn more about the animal rights
agenda. - choose PETA and HSUS from the menu

Pet-Law is a list for breeders and owners to discuss these laws, learn about
new legislation and learn what you can do to fight it. The animal rights
movement is growing, it's well-financed (mostly by people who don't know
what they're supporting), and it will end "all use of animals by humans"
sooner than you think.
And that "use" includes ownership of pets."

There is a bunch about it possiably effecting parrot owners and other extoics etc. From what I understand you dont have to a breeder to be fined, if you have an animal that hasnt been s/n you will get fined so much per animal per year or jailed and in some cases the animal removed. I personally think this is crap and if they want to limit the # of any animals that are over populated like cats & dogs then do it intelligently and create more spay and neuter programs like Animal Aid of Cortland does (Im a member of this and we s/n cats for free or small fees and dogs)Forcing people to spay and neuter animals worth breeding such as purebred dogs and other species is wrong. Stopping BYB of any species who are more interested in money not the welfare ofthe animal should be stopped.
Whats next are they going to make us ranchers get licenses to breed beef cattle and pay fines for having to many calves born a year? And horses that are currently competing today in nation wide cutting and reining? Give me a break..

what year was it that PETA snuck into a dog show competition and set free some show dogs who were promptly hit by cars once peta members "herded" the dogs towards the woods which was on the other side of the highway?!!

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