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Date:Tuesday January 27, 2004 9:35:27 pm MST
Subject:Re: concerned
Message:I am so sorry to hear that Fred is having problems. It would be a good idea to take Fred to an Avian Vet. Fred could have problems that the vet might be able to help ease.  

If he is falling maybe it would be a good idea to put him in a low cage and pad the grate so falls don't hurt. When my nanday was badly injured I used a low plastic Guinea pig cage, coated wire with ladders running the length of the cage instead of perches. The ladder helped steady him and keep his grip.


Fred wrote:
> We have a Nanday Conure named Fred that is about 20 years old.  Around
> Thanksgiving Fred started acting as though he were sick (or
> acoustically dying) as he was not himself; he seemed to need
> assistance from his beak to hold himself on his perch.  Thankfully he
> is still here, but still not himself.  He is eating, drinking and
> seems to be digesting well.  He seems unsure on his feet and is
> sleeping a lot.  If I hold him for a while he seems to gain energy as
> if he is relieved that he doesn't have to hold himself up and can
> just relax and sleep.  Once I put him back in his cage tonight, he
> started to climb to a perch and fell into his water dish that we had
> moved to the bottom of the cage so he didn't have to climb to get to
> it.  Once I got him out of the water dish he proceeded to climb the
> side of the cage to get to higher perches.  He proceeded to fall to
> the bottom of the cage yet again.  I'm not sure if this could be
> contributed to old age or if I should take him to a vet to be
> checked. If anyone has any advice or insight I would greatly
> appreciate it.  thanks

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