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Date:Tuesday January 27, 2004 8:04:32 pm MST
Subject:Re: concerned
Message:I'm so sorry your Fred is having trouble.  My nanday Pete is about 17 years old.  He has a variety of problems, and has a collar to keep him from injuring himself.  What I had to do was stop putting him in a cage because he would always climb to the top and then risk falling.  I have him in an aquarium/terrarium during the day, with a perch that my husband put's just about a half inch to an inch off the ground.  No problems with falling.  He sleeps in a kennel carrier that we put a low perch into as well--so he has nothing he can latch onto to climb up to an unsafe place.  I'd definitely take him to the vet soon to rule out any active problems.  If this is ongoing, I really recommend exchanging the cage for some environment where Fred can't climb up and then hurt himself.

Keep us posted, and give Fred a hug from me and Pete.

Fred wrote:
> We have a Nanday Conure named Fred that is about 20 years old.  Around
> Thanksgiving Fred started acting as though he were sick (or
> acoustically dying) as he was not himself; he seemed to need
> assistance from his beak to hold himself on his perch.  Thankfully he
> is still here, but still not himself.  He is eating, drinking and
> seems to be digesting well.  He seems unsure on his feet and is
> sleeping a lot.  If I hold him for a while he seems to gain energy as
> if he is relieved that he doesn't have to hold himself up and can
> just relax and sleep.  Once I put him back in his cage tonight, he
> started to climb to a perch and fell into his water dish that we had
> moved to the bottom of the cage so he didn't have to climb to get to
> it.  Once I got him out of the water dish he proceeded to climb the
> side of the cage to get to higher perches.  He proceeded to fall to
> the bottom of the cage yet again.  I'm not sure if this could be
> contributed to old age or if I should take him to a vet to be
> checked. If anyone has any advice or insight I would greatly
> appreciate it.  thanks

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