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Date:Tuesday January 27, 2004 5:04:14 pm MST
Message:I would like to thank everyone that wrote me with advise on my pending adoption of a nanday. I still have not completely made up my mind. One of the reasons for my hesitation is that the nanday I am looking at is a year old, he is hard to get to come out of the cage and then when I am ready to take him off of my shoulder and place back into the cage I get bit really hard. Does anyone know if this is something that I can teach him to stop doing or should I consider a younger bird.  I know this board is for the Nanday but I was also looking at a Senegal parrot, does anyone know anything about those birds? I am asking all of this because I am going to be making a 30+ year commitment and I want to make the best choice for the bird and myself.


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