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Date:Tuesday January 27, 2004 12:37:00 pm MST
Subject:Re: cage restoration question
Message:I think the main danger is for birds that chew on the paint and wire. Finches don't do that as a rule, though if there are loose chips of paint or metal chips on the bottom they may eat them. Birds that eat grit (finches, pigeons, chickens, etc) are naturaly attracted to pick up and swallow small shiny objects. A good friend of mine lost a pigeon because the bird ate several brass tacks!

However, back to your question - I've seen painted mesh used for finch aviaries with no problems. I don't think the type of paint is of any concern with finches, as long as the paint holds well to metal and does not get loose and flaking over time. If you are going to use the cage for parrots though, your best bet is to find a shop that will sandblast and powdercoat the cage. It's a bit more costly, but powdercoating holds up much better to small-medium parrots. For a really huge parrot, stainless steel is best.

levi wrote:
> understanding that spray paint is toxic to birds, how can you restore
> a used bird cage? everyone knows that the cages tend to rust and show
> wear over time which can really hide how beautiful the cage is. Is
> there spray paint that is safe?
> i have a larger cage that im wanting to fix up and use for finches,
> is the danger with using spray paint that the fids will chew on the
> metal and ingest paint chips? is that a real worry with finches?
> any suggestions appreciated!

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