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Date:Sunday January 25, 2004 9:48:25 pm MST
Subject:Re: weekend fun
Message:How awesome. So glad your nanday is at least trying pellets. Tell your partner pellets will save money on vets in the long run. I really believe in pellets. I think it is the best thing you can do for your bird. You will have a healthier happier bird because of it.
My diego seems to eat only fifty percent of each pellet. At the end of the day he has a dish of fine crumbs. But he eats , I know. Diego is one huge Nanday.
levi wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> just wanted to thank everyone here again and share my weekend a
> litte. we went looking around at different pet stores and finally
> found one with almost all the products mentioned here...first must i
> was looking for was Zupreem natural, found a bag for just under 12
> dollars...took some sweet talk for my partner to get it in the cart,
> but i convinced him my fids couldnt live without it..i ofcourse didnt
> mention how afraid i was that my picky eater would turn it
> down...well we got home and setup her new playstand and i filled the
> food bowl on it with the Zupreem...she dove strait for it and didnt
> hesitate a minute in decorating the floor in a 10 foot radius with
> pellets! im looking at my partner about to faint at the "money" being
> thrown on the next i remembered someone here
> saying that they got their fid to take food it was reluctant to by
> acting like he couldnt have it, and that worked! i was so shocked
> when she wrestled that piece from me and went to chewing away! most
> still went to floor but we have progress! thanks to whom that was!

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