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Date:Sunday January 25, 2004 1:06:41 pm MST
Subject:Re: General Advise
Message:Everything Anna and Boo wrote I would have said also. I have two nandays both which will bully the tiels if I let them. They get along fine with other conures though.
One I have had since a baby (Zorro) is a sweet heart and family bird. The one we rescued at an older age (Diego)  Clings to his Daddy . I can't scritch him but Daddy can. Diego will sit with me though. He is not a family bird. More of a one person.  Diego found the one person in the world he can trust and love, no one else matters LOL  It just counts on the bird and how it was raised. Diego is a rescue and was badly neglected.

Jenny wrote:
> I am thinking of adopting a 12 month old Nanday. I have had finches
> and cockatiels but that is about it. I am open to any advise that
> anyone has. I am wondering if "he" will get along with my cockatiels.
> What size cage should I purchase? Are these birds sociable or do they
> tend to prefer just one person.
> Jenny

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