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Date:Sunday January 25, 2004 11:38:23 am MST
Subject:Re: General Advise
Message:Hi Jenny-

I have no business offering advise..( I just recently adopted a lovely Nanday named Monte- also about 12mo. old) but I can tell you about what we have seen...

I am responding to your question about the social side.. ours is reacting more calmly to me, and not so much my husband. He tends to bite any hand that approaches (even slowly) unless you are saying "step-up" in his particular way. Because of this we haven't let the kids pet him yet. He gets really loud whenever anyone but me enters the room, and then calms when they leave.

When I am not home my husband does take him out and they play guitar together.

Again I don't know if this is normal Nanday social behavior or a fluke.. or if it may change over time.. but I thought it may help you.

I am really looking forward to hearing all the responses you get!!


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