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Name:nancy kiser
Date:Saturday January 24, 2004 6:35:28 pm MST
Subject:Re: Question: Other Conures
Message:levi wrote:
> often a nanday can be added with any bird of like size. the quaker is
> very similar in size with a smaller beak. and in the wild quakers and
> nanday are often found living together. i have one of each, a sun,
> nanday and a quaker and either one you pick would be compatible,
> ofcourse depending on your nanday. i just got mine for christmas and
> so far she is not at all interested in the rest of the flock. my sun
> conur is paired with a cockatiel and just loves any cockatiel it
> sees, but will not pair with any other bird of like or same size.
> good luck!

I have 3 cockatiels, a sun conure, a nanday conure, 2 budgies, 4 chinese button quail, and a Timneh African grey. My nanday, Captain,  loves the cockatiels and wants to nest with them, but they decline.  He seems to be in love with my female cockatiel.  In fact, he loves everybody in the bird room, but not all of them love him.  My sun conure and my African Grey hate him, and the little birds are afraid of him. He is fully flighted and loves to visit everybody, even the ones who hate him. Humans are a different matter; he hates everyone but me. He was a rescue... he had been living in a garage for the last four years (he is seven) in a little parakeet cage. He was fed and watered, but never played with.  I love him dearly.

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