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Date:Sunday April 13, 2003 12:27:37 am MDT
Subject:My new baby
Message:Hi.  I just bought a Nanday today.  He's just three months old and he is such a sweetheart.  I named him after my other love, my Gibson guitar.  I have never had a bird before and I haven't really been around birds much.  He is so socialable!  He fell asleep on my friend's chest while we watched a movie.  He doesn't really like to be anywhere away from people and he'll climb up on you whenever he gets the chance.

He doesn't seem to like his cage too much and I just got him to sleep after many laps around the top part of the cage.  

I don't know the first thing about birds, but I'm learning a lot via the web and asking a lot of questions to anyone that knows about birds.  I have a really dumb question so please don't laugh.

If I do in fact have a girl, will she just lay eggs or does there have to be some interaction with a male bird first?  Also, does anyone know any sure ways to teach them to talk?  I know I have about seven more months till he will start talking, but I'm really excited about it.  I got him this cute mirror that repeats anything I record into it when he gets close.  Right now it says "Hello".  I figured I'd just repeat the words I want him to say a lot.  One more thing, does anyone know anything about clicker training?  My goal is to get him to go to the bathroom on command.

Thank you for any information and I'm really excited to have found such a uniqe bird.

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