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Date:Saturday April 12, 2003 3:48:41 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Retaming my nanday / BIRD BITING: PLEASE READ
Message:Ken wrote:
> Again, I will recommend getting the beaked filed if the bird is always
> biting. Theres a big difference in the pain between a sharp beak and
> a filed beak. And, contrary to another opinion that was expressed on
> this board, I would tap the bird on the beak when he bites, not very
> hard but hard enough that he knows, "hey thats wrong". When my bird
> "Flip" nips at me, I even raise my finger to hit him on the beak and
> he says "no bite, no bite", cuz he knows that is wrong. U have to
> somehow communicate with the bird consistently that biting is
> unacceptable, it might take awhile but a consistant tap on the beak
> is important. Even after his loud outbursts, my Nanday will whisper
> "be quiet, be quiet" cuz he knows he was too loud. Try to repeat and
> convey these ideals to them until they understand them.

I agree with filing the beak to 'take the point off' and rounding it off, a coarse emery board works fine.
When my Nanday, Buster used to bite, I could tell him no biting 'till I was blue in the face. But the next time he bit me I just said "Buster bites Mommy, Mommy bites Buster" and gave him a light 'bite' on his foot (toe). After a few times of this, he stopped biting me. I think it's because I showed him, 1) biting is unpleasant from the wrong end of the stick, 2) biting me has consequences, 3) there are rules to be obeyed. I feel that Nandays are like small children and need to be treated as such, with similar rules, disciplines, consequences for actions, and above all, shown that no matter what, love.
It's always a good idea to "kiss and make up", NEVER punish by or withhold regular food & water (but treats are just that, TREATS given for good behaviour) I know it sounds like I am strict. That's because I am, and I have a well behaved, well loved, happy 5 year old Nanday to show for it.

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