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Date:Saturday April 12, 2003 2:23:18 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Cool place!
Message:Haha WOW Matt, you sound like a really cool nanday owner, and he sounds like a really cool DJ hehehe! That's great you get to spend so much time with him and have even taken him on the air, that is just the best. They definitly are little geniuses. Have you ever offered your nanday dandelion greens and flowers? Now they are blooming everywhere and my nandays are gobbling them up. You are going to have a great time watching him grow. Its neat how they change as they get older. One of my nandays I got as a 6 month old, and he is turning 2 yrs this month, he, actually she I think, is acting more grown up, but still loves to be a baby. :)

      Indica & FLock

Matt wrote:
> I'm a relatively new Nanday owner and JUST found this message board on
> a whim.
> Diego was hatched last June 24th and I brought him home when he was
> only 3 months old. He amazes me every day, and I'm looking forward to
> watching him grow up! I couldn't believe how quickly he started
> talking . . . yup, they sure are little geniusses!
> I work at a radio station literally 130 steps from my front door, so
> I get to come home and visit him often. I take him in to work all the
> time, too - he's even been on the air! Everyone loves him, and for
> great reason - he's just a little romeo!
> Glad I found this board! Very cool.
> Matt

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