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Date:Thursday February 27, 2003 6:15:30 pm MST
Subject:Re: Nanday needs a new home
Message:Hi Rainbird,

  Well I am no expert, so i'll just give you my personal advice. Rusty I got as a 6 month old handfed baby, and she (we think she) was and still is super sweet and cuddley. But there are times she can really act out. There aren't any men in our family now, expept boyfriends which LOL she doesn't like. But she will go to strangers pretty well now, especially if I am there. I just started by telling her "its OK, come on step up" and having the person tell her to step up.

  Also, if your nanday is laying eggs, she's in breeding season. She probably knows your husband is a male, I know animals know our genders ;) She probably has chosen your husband for a mate lol. And she is possessive and territorial right now if she has laid eggs. It does sound like you are advancing with her though, if she is excepting you now and letting you hold her. Will she step up on your hand? How much time do you honestly spend with her a day? And do you do the feeding, cage cleaning, etc.? Also, what is your work schedule, who is at home more, you or your husband? Even if your husband doesn't hold her much during the day, if she see's him more, she might think he's the head of the flock or something like that. But I'm not a behaviorist, and many people might dissagree ;) Anyways, The talking sweetley to her and that is great. If you don't already, start doing all the cage cleaning, feeding, watering, you be the one to give her bathes, be the one to offer her goodies, when you are eating dinner or breakfast or a snack, offer her some and try to get her to be with you while you eat. Eating is a great time for bonding I think. Bathes are to. Another thing to, in the evening if you are home, try snuggling her if you can. Hold her, if she bites you shake your hand and tell her to give you kisses. When she gets on your shoulder make sounds to her she makes, if she makes the little nanday sounds. Try to see if she likes getting in your shirt or a blanket. I gotta run because I'm at the library, but tell me some more about your bird and I might be able to help you more. I will try to think of some more things, and I will write you about how I have gotten Bandit and paco to trust me (I should have written that i guess LOL). Anyway I'll give you more info tomorrow morning. Have a good evening.

     Indica & Flock

Rainbird wrote:
> Hi Indica,
> I am interested in what you answered to Dawn.  I have a Nanday female
> bird that I got as a hand fed baby.  She is now 2 years old. She
> liked me at first and then she laid eggs about 8 months ago and
> decided she did not like me since.  She loves my husband, but he is
> not a bird person and does not get her out of her cage or play with
> her.  For the longest time, she would not let me take her out of her
> cage....only my husband could and he only would if I would ask him to
> please play with her so she would not be so sad.  Well, longer story,
> but I have been making kissing sounds and talking sweet to her for
> weeks and weks and she now lets me get her out of her cage
> (sometimes) In fact, she is sitting on my shoulder as I type this.
> My question is this, how can I get her to play and like to be out of
> the cage with me?  How do you tame your birds?  I am willing and able
> to do what she needs, I just need to know what that is....thanks for
> any help you can give me...
> Indica wrote:
> > Hi Dawn, just to let you know, I sent you an email. I am interested in
> > giving your nanday a wonderful home if possible. I am in Utah though,
> > but I can garantee an excellent, kind, loving, patient home with a
> > lot of love and most important, understanding. My family has three
> > nandays, all three are very loving, one was hadnfed and I got him at 6
> > monthsold,so he is a very sweet cuddley bird. But two have had
> > terrible pasts and took a lot of working with to gain their trust.
> > One was physically abused until he was terrified, his last home was
> > very good but they too needed someone to spend a lot of time with him
> > and work with him. The other was badley neglected,left alone for weeks
> > at a time and was a bad screamer. Though there's been blood drawn by
> > some nasty bites, it is well worth some hard work and a lot of
> > patience to see them trust us so much. Anyways, let me know if you
> > are interested. Take care.
> >
> >    Indica & Flock

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