Earn $25 from ING

  • ING's FDIC-insured savings account offers great money market rates with no fees/service charges and no minimums.

  • The ING Electric Orange account is an all-electronic, paperless checking account. Earn a great rate, get free Bill Pay, easy access to cash, a MasterCard Debit Card, free ATM access, and much more in an FDIC-insured account, with no fees/service charges and no minimums.

Open either an ING savings or checking account with the special referral link which will be emailed to you, deposit at least $250, and you will earn a $25.00 new account bonus. Note that you will only earn the $25 bonus if you use the referral link you receive in your email after completing the form below. Also, even if you open both types of accounts, you may only earn one $25 bonus.

Enter your name and email address below. You will receive an email containing your special referral link. Click on the link, open a new account, and transfer at least $250 from your existing checking account into your new account. You will be rewarded with a $25.00 bonus. Keep the new account open and earn a great rate, or transfer the money back to your old account if you prefer. You must be a new ING Direct customer and at least 18 years old.

Note -- you will receive only one email, containing your referral link for each type of account referral you request. You will not be be put in any database or on any mailing list, and your email address will not be distributed to anyone else after your invitation is sent.

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