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This gallery editing system allows you to easily construct galleries consisting of images, text, sounds, and videos. No knowledge of html is required. And it's all completely free!

Begin by registering. Select a user name and password which you will use whenever you want to edit your galleries, and enter your email address. Your email address will be kept strictly private. We will not put you on any mailing list and we will not distribute your email address to anybody. Viewers of your galleries will be able to contact you only by forwarding email through the gallery system. Your email address will never be displayed to viewers. If you forget your password, you may request that it be sent to the email address which we have on file for you. Since no one will have direct access to it, you can safely use your real email address. Do not use "munged" email addresses such as "aoluserREMOVETHIS at aol dot com" because no humans will see it.

Upon successful registration, you are taken to the Gallery Editor. A name will have been filled in for you which is the same as or similar to your user name. This is the name which will identify your galleries. It will be displayed on the Gallery Index and other places. You may leave it the same as your login name, or change it to whatever you want.

You may also enter an overall description of your galleries. This is optional. If you specify one, it will be displayed with your entry in the main gallery index and on your personal gallery index page.

Users who already have at least two images in their galleries have an additional general information option. You may specify which image should be your featured image -- the one which is displayed in thumbnail form with your entry in the main gallery index. The default is a random selection from all of your images. Each time the gallery index is loaded, an image is randomly selected from all of your images. Or you may select any image to be your featured image by checking the "Select a new image to feature" option, clicking the Update button, and choosing from the list which will be presented to you.

If you already have any galleries, you will see a list of them in the order in which they will be presented to viewers. You may click on the title of a non-empty gallery to view it as a final product. If you have more than one gallery, you may change the position of any gallery within your list of galleries. Or you may click on the appropriate buttons to Edit Gallery or Delete Gallery.

Under Create a new gallery, enter your desired name for a new gallery and, optionally, a description of the gallery. If you already have at least one other gallery, you may also specify the position for your new gallery within the list of your galleries. Click on Create, and you'll be taken to the Gallery Edit page to begin editing your new gallery. There you may change the name and description of your gallery if you wish.

Under "Add a new item to this gallery" you may create a new item to be placed in this gallery. An item may consist of 1) an image, audio, or video file with a text caption or 2) just a file or 3) just text. Any item may have an optional title. Files may be uploaded from a disk on your computer or they may be obtained directly from a URL on the Internet. All files have a maximum size limit, so audio and video files will have to be small. In addition to file size limitations, images which have dimensions which are too large will be reduced automatically. If you already have at least one item in this gallery, you may specify the position within the list of items for the new item.

When you have at least one gallery containing at least one item, you will be listed in the Main Gallery Index.

Text may not contain html in general. For example, If you type <FONT COLOR="red">, that exact text will appear in the message, rather than the effect which was probably desired. URLs within your text will automatically be made into active links. Do not enter something like <A HREF="">Go here!</A> -- instead, just enter and the program will take care of turning it into a link. Enter the full URL including http:// -- if you just enter something like it will not be converted into a link.

There are a few bits of formatting html which are allowed in your text: <B> </B> <I> </I> <U> </U>

<B>Bold</B> Bold
<I>Italics</I> Italics
<U>Underline</U> Underline

All items in your gallery will be displayed, and you may edit any of them by changing any of the fields. You may also rearrange the items by specifying a new position for an item.

All galleries are subject to editing and/or deletion. Any items which are off-topic or offensive or abusive or commercial (unless relevant) are subject to deletion. If you see such an item, please use the Contact link at the bottom of the page to write to us, and we will investigate the offending item.

If you would like to contact the creator of a gallery, you may click on the Contact link while viewing their page to begin composing an email. In order to protect the privacy of the author, you will not see the email address of the recipient.

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