Guapo's World Gallery

The new kid on the block
Guapo and cherry
Hangin' out in the sun
Father's Day
Guapo MUST nip Petey!
Go away, Paparazzi!
Sparrow and Chicken #1
Sparrow and Chicken #2
Sparrow and Chicken #3
Sparrow and Chicken #4
Pretzel..glorious Pretzel!
Guess who's coming to lunch?
Peeping Tom


This pic was taken 2 minutes after we found Guapo (the name means 'handsome' in Spanish) on our front doorstep (no foolin'). He hopped right on to my arm. I fed him some parakeet seed from a paper plate and he ate like a monster! No one ever claimed this little fella, so now he has a happy home with us. We are very lucky to have him.

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