COUNT GUAPULA! Gallery of Guapo's World

Ah Ah Ah! Velcome to Count Guapulas Castle of horror! Zis Halloween vas a horror for ze count because he kept trying to squirm out of ze vampire cape and vas put in many veird situations, indeed! Ah, but once ze count had a taste of ze Cheerio elixir, he vas very happy and zen ze mommy couldn't get ze count out of his costume to save her life! A spell cast upon her by ze charasmatic dark prince....enjoy ze pics.
Ze "come to me, victim" stare!
"I vant to suck your Cheerios"
"Ze cape tastes good, no?"
Counts just vanna have fun!
Ze Count and Jack
Ze count and 'Lil Jack
Just hangin' around!
Spooky Perch!


All are powerless under ze count's sexy gaze!

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