Riddle's Gallery of The Baker's Birdhouse

Some of the first pictures of our newest life buddy
Our New buddy
Checkin out the new digs
Riddle wearing his flightsuit
Tiki-my lovebird
The Loch Ness Monster
Riddle having a 'bad hair day'
Riddle's New Cage
Me & Riddle


He's had it for a lil while now, but this was taken on his first trip in.  It's like playing where's waldo lol.  I'm going to have to move the clock with the horses on it though, he's seeing a faint reflection of himself in it and talking to it...it was so funny the other day, i saw him facing the wall and he was saying "Whatcha Doin?"  "I'm Fine" "Whatcha Doin?"  "Gimme Kisses"  SMOOOCH   lol when i figured out he was talking to his own reflection in context i just about died laughing hehhe

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