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Hatch Day--August 15, 2003 Our only bird but boy is she entertaining! I met her late September '03 but we couldn't bring her home until December but I saw her every day because i worked at the pet store she was in. I had to go in on my days off because she was still being hand fed and she wouldn't eat a full meal for anyone else. She has now become the most spoiled animal that I have ever met! We are not sure if Loki is a girl but we are pretty convinced, since she she liked me until she met my boyfriend. she is so in love with him, if she is on his shoulder and I try to give him a kiss, she runs in front of his mouth!! She is usually nice to me, but most often when he is gone. She curls up with me in bed so I will continue to be happy with that. Although this morning while in bed with her, he walked in. With in a few minutes she was attacking my forhead because he was talking to me and not her. We hope to get more birds someday but she is enough for now!
Loki posing
loki waking from a nap
playin this time in the spring
No clue on why she likes this!
Again she is a weird one
I think she was sleeping?!
After a bath
Playing in the blankets
just a little itch
stop following me...stop it
no pictures please......
now i'm ready for my close up
quick, make a run for it
they can't get me under here
I don't think he saw me
here I am, TAAA DAAAAA
pay attention to me NOW
don't touch that camera
wait.......what's for dinner??


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