Hugo's Flock Gallery of rebecca49

Hugo's flock has expanded by one Sun Conure.
Hugo gives Computer Tutorial
Hugo attacks a bell
Jungle gym time
more jungle gym time
bells and more bells
Payton the Sun Conure
Hugo and Payton
MY carrot
Payton loves his carrots too


They were actually getting along fine in this instance.  Payton  had learned to wait patiently until Hugo was preoccupied with a chunk of carrot before snatching a chunk for himself out of the treat cup.  I always set out 2 treat dishes but inevitably they both want whatever the other one is eating.  Hugo particularly enjoys climbing all over Payton's cage because he's learned how to open Payton's food dish(one of those metal swing arm deals) from the outside, allowing him to steal pellets from Payton that apparently taste better than the exact same pellets that are in his own food dish in his own cage.

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