Hugo's Flock Gallery of rebecca49

Hugo's flock has expanded by one Sun Conure.
Hugo gives Computer Tutorial
Hugo attacks a bell
Jungle gym time
more jungle gym time
bells and more bells
Payton the Sun Conure
Hugo and Payton
MY carrot
Payton loves his carrots too


This is me (the big yellow one) and Hugo teaching my aunt, a cloistered Dominican nun, some Photoshop tips on my laptop.  There's actually a Cockatoo in residence at her convent, owned by another nun who always stops by to see Hugo when we visit (the nun not the Cockatoo--the Cockatoo isn't real social with anyone but his Mommy nun).  Hugo and I are residents of the Bay Area in Northern Callifornia, which is where my aunt's convent is located too.  Anyway, I thought, "Hey, nuns and exotic birds!  You don't see that posted anywhere else in these galleries."

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