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mmm mmm french fries
buddrowe and me
buddy and me
buddyrowe and me
buddy and his friend
i could go on forever about buddyrowe. some of his favorite foods are spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal raisin cookies, doritos, bacon, eggs, and lots fruits. He wants to try everything we eat. When he hears us cooking or in the kitchen he goes mad, haha. He dont like everyone, I noticed he gets along better with women, I dont know if its because the womens voice is softer or what. He loves it when u sing and dance. He loves me to sing him "U are my sunshine, my only sunshine" thats his favorite song and he does sing along to it. He dances to music and I swear he has favorite songs because when they come on he sings and starts dancing his little tail feathers, hahaha.....He says alot of words and also knows a few bad ones 2. His words he most often speaks are: Hi, pretty baby, whats up, hey baby, stupid, shell, thank you, bye, nite pretty baby,  and he sais awwww with a cute lil coooing sound, probably because i do that to him all the time when i rub his head. Buddy also gets real nosey if u bring any kind of drink or anything in ur hand as far as that goes.. so he tries alot of drinks his favorites are oj and grape juice. He is known for wanting some of the kids kool-aid and he wont stop screeching (very loudly) until he gets some.. he likes pop but not too fizzy. One time my friend gave him a sip of wine and said he did not want to quit drinking it. I am very very protective over buddy so I wuz upset (very upset!!) Thank goodness nothing happened to buddy over the wine incident but now I think he has a sense for it because he knows when u have it, he likes it!! Needless to say though he hasnt tasted no alcoholic beverages since. His ma is too protective : ) and  buddy knows it too. Buddy gets jealous of my attention so I think it would be very hard to have another bird, he gets jealous of other people and my dog. He sure has his own character, tell ya that. I wouldnt change it for the world. All and all I wish I knew what I had to do to be able to breed him. I really knew nothing about birds until I got buddyrowe in my life. Thank goodness I got a chance to experience bird-life, I love it. Everyone tells me he has got to be the luckiest bird there is the way I baby him but I think im the lucky one. I think if birds like this were not so costly more loving people like me would be able to afford one. Thank goodness I got buddyrowe for free from an older lady who could not stand him anymore. I know alot of people cant put up with the conure because everyone who owns one knows they can be loud at times... but I think if u give them what they want and need, lots of love and attention they will be lovable as well.. these birds get attached and need alot of attention. well I could go on forever bout buddy but thats some of the most important things i really wanted to share   : )

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