Sammy and Bandit Gallery of Lynda's  Nandays

Sammy and Bandit are birds in a rescue I help run. It is the FWCAS Parrot & Exotic Bird Rescue in Sarasota, Fl. Sammy was a wild quaker baby found walking around departures in the airport. Bandit was a wild adult nanday conure who was hit by a car and badly injured. Bandit had severe head and wing trauma. Sammy helped me tame Bandit and now is Bandit's best friend. Every day they play, kiss and cuddle on their own private playgym. I promised Bandit I would never let Sammy leave without him so they go as a pair.
Sammy as a baby
Sammy and Bandit
Love sweet love
Big Kiss
Paco and Mac, friends of S & B


Sammy at three months old

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