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This list contains thumbnail images from the 105 people who have galleries. They are displayed in alphabetical order, 6 images per page, with navigational links at the bottom of each page. You may sort the list in chronological order, with the newest or most recently edited galleries first. You may also view the Text Only Gallery List which contains all of the names on one page but no thumbnails.
Alley Bird
That Crazy Alley
Arnie (4 galleries)
A few pics of my little "naughty" angel :)
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Gallery Service.
All Nanday conure lovers are welcome to create galleries for their birds. After a simple registration, you will be able to easily create, edit and delete galleries. Gallery items may be images, sounds, or video with optional text, or even just text about your parrot. Files may be uploaded from your computer, or from the Internet. There is no charge for gallery service.

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