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We just got a 5 year old nanday conure and he will not come out of his cage! He will let men touch him but not me! He actually lunges at me for no reason. He still nips pretty hard. Please help!!

I "inherited" my conure when my uncle broke his hip and had to go into a facility. In the beginning, Conrad would kind of respond to me (I'm female) but would be much more responsive to a man. I just kept sitting by his cage with the door open and talked to him. Lots of clicking and clucking. Any kind of noise that would get him to respond. I would slowly reach in and give him a seed or treat then slowly remove my hand. Gradually, I would offer him a handful of seed on my hand, always moving very slowly. Now, seven months later, he will easily come out on the door and is climbing up on my finger. I can only get him to allow me to pick him up from the top of the cage. I still can't touch him when he is inside the cage yet but I will one day!

The behavior sounds like Conrad's when he is sitting on the cage beside me and one of my cats jump up on my lap. He will lunge at them and try to bite them. Once they settle down, so does he.

I'm guessing that his previous owner was a man and your bird bonded with him. It will take time, but just keep talking to him and be patient. It may take a long time, but it will happen.

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