Nanday Conure Frequently Asked Questions
i have just got my nanday back after returning to the uk after 7 years,she has plucked all but her head and is now plucking her wings,how can i stop her??

You may want to bring her to a vet to make sure there are no health issues first. Second, a good option may be a bubble collar (kind of like an e-collar, but this one is a hard plastic bubble that doesn't keep them from eating, and that they can't chew off). This may help the plucking issue until you can resolve either the health or behavioral issue. If there are no health issues, then the bird probably has some behavioral issue. Who ever kept your bird for you may not have provided it with the right stimulation and attention that it requires. You may want to do some research on feather plucking and try some new toys of varying types (bells, rope pearches, wooden blocks, rope knots, and paper toys).

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