Nanday Conure Frequently Asked Questions
Are the Nanday Conures the loudest of the Conures?

Actually- even though Nanday's ARE loud, they aren't the loudest....The Patagonian Conure and also probably the Great Patagonian Conure *which is the largest of the Conure's* are the loudest of the Conure's.

Yes.....and no - As with people, some birds are louder than others. Nanday's can be loud but I have not found them to be the loudest birds (an upset cockatoo perhaps). If your Nanday is screaming constantly, try to figure out why - they will vocalize in the morning and evening but shouldn't be screaming full volume all day. Adjusting (or eliminating) the problem is a start followed by patient training to get it quieter. My Sid lets loose a few good ones per day but in general is rather quiet (for a parrot). That said, I would NOT recommend one for an apartment may end up suddenly needing a new residence.

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