Nanday Conure Frequently Asked Questions
I recently found a nanday in a tree, it was hungry and thursty,we took it in and ran adds in the paper,asked around but no calls.It Bites everyone but me.(a woman)I want to find it a good home.

Many states have bird clubs. You can try to see if a local club and/or bird rescue can take it. I'd be wary of offering the bird to just anyone.   It's possible that the bird does not like men, since you say it only likes you. If no one answered your add, perhaps you might want to give it time, and keep the bird. Another suggestion is a board-certified avian veterinarian. Not all veterinarians specialize in birds, so be careful. A good avian vet may be able to help you place the bird or make its relationship with you, better. Sometimes the slightest thing can make all the difference. The bird seems to have been lucky to find you, if you do give it a new home, try to be careful with whom you give the bird to. I love conures and find that they scare easily; too many quick movements and loud, sudden noises can scare them. Try to figure out what goes on before the bird bites. Is it scared? Not want to leave its cage? Tired? Hungry? Other animals present? Ask a vet and check with a bird club. If your state does not have one, a bordering state might. Call them and explain the situation. Or just keep him....

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