Nanday Conure Frequently Asked Questions
How much attention a day does a nanday need?

Mine needs attention just about every waking minute! But I allow him some quiet time for a nap each day!

My Ozzy needs attention from the time that I wake up until the time that he goes to bed. He will play happily on his cage if I'm just in the same room so that I don't have to be holding him or playing with him every waking moment.

My Sonny is very demanding on my time. If I leave the room, he screeches at me until I return and say Hello. When I am home, I spend most of the day with Sonny on my shoulder.

My Dante seems pretty happy even though I have to spend hours at school. It seems to help to keep another pet in the room, Dante is fond of my tortoise. And about Sonny, sitting on your shoulder is a sign of dominance, so you shouldn't let him do it. I've been advised not to coddle my bird, just like a toddler. :)

My Tiki- he's actually pretty content in his cage with his toys, but if i leave the room or he feels like he's not being paid attention to, he will scream, but i don't do over to his cage to talk to him or carry him every time he does that, because i don't want him to think he's always going to get out when he screams,'s true about not allowing your bird on your shoulder, but it also depends on the bird, and the reason i say that, is because my little boy loves to cuddle up under my neck or he will happily sit on my finger, and he also loves to sit on my shoulder, but when i go to get him from my shoulder, he is happy to oblige and "step up" w/o a, on the other hand, i also have 2 b/g macaws, and eventho they want to sit on my shoulder (and the boy wants to sit on my head for some reason, lol) i'm not going to let them, because they are way too big for one thing, and they also are more likely to be dominant or unruly if you don't teach them, because they tend to test you, lol....however, i am gone most of the day for work, but i have someone there who comes and helps us out to clean and what not, and she says he is quiet when i'm gone, and when i pull my car into the driveway and click the alarm on, that's when he begins to scream (i can hear him from outside, lol) and eventho i work most of the day, i do take him out of his cage and spend time with him as much as i can, so that he can be with me, because they do need to be with their "partner" a lot, they are very social birds and crave our attention, especially if you are their "partner" or "mate" in their eyes.

My Kona is pretty low maintenance. She has a parakeet friend who shares her cage and keeps her company, so she's not terribly needy. However, that doesn't stop her from screaming whenever I leave the room, or when I have friends over that she doesn't know. As far as attention goes, she'll be content just sitting on my shoulder and chill while I'm at my computer from time to time, but for some reason she just loves taking naps with me. Whenever I climb into bed, she goes right for her favorite spot in the corner and nestles up to whichever hand of mine is closest to her. If she wakes up before I do, she'll either try to wake me up, or climb off the bed and waltz right back to her cage. Another one of her favorite activities to share with me, believe it or not, is showering. I'll leave her on the curtain rod, and she'll let me know if she wants to get wet by fluffing her feathers and flapping her wings. If she doesn't do that, I just leave her up there until I'm done showering. But to answer your question, it really varies on the bird's mood. Some need more attention than others, but most of them will allow that attention to come in any form --even if it means just chilling on your shoulder while you balance your check book.

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