Nanday Conure Frequently Asked Questions
Is the nanday conure a good bird for my first bird? If I only get one will he be loanly?

I got a Nanday for my first bird and wished later that I would have researched this question more before I got her. They are very demanding just like a child and require lots of attention. Some breeds do not require as much and are not so needy. However, If you can stick it out it is extremely rewarding. My Nanday is so loving and has so much personality, she is my best little friend. I work out of my home so I have lost of time to spend with her. Whatever, decision you make you won't be sorry.

if you get one, and if you have the time to dedicate to him/her, then the bird won't be lonely, because it will see you as it's mate/companion/best friend/etc.

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