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I have a 4 month old nanday...and in the process of getting a baby african grey you think they will get along...I really would like them to?

I recently just lost my Nanday of 15 years but we adopted a 5 year old African Grey and they seemed to get along for the most part. When it was play time they liked to swap cages and eat each others food. They weren't all buddy buddy like sitting next to each other cleaning and cleaning each other. The Nanday knew to keep it's distance but they seemed to tolerate each other. Don't know if that helps but that's what ours did.

I would not put those 2 birds together. I was in the pet store one day and saw a woman with a quaker parrot that she had let be in the same vicinity as an african grey. This poor little bird was missing it entire upper beak as a result of the encounter. all birds have very strong beaks but those little birds don't stand a chance if a big bird gets a hold of them.

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