Nanday Conure Frequently Asked Questions
What type of birds do Nanday Conures get along with? Would it be okay to put them in the same cage?

Nandays are said to fly in the wild in mixed flocks with Quakers. I've read that this shows that they're generally friendly to other birds. Mine is much more curious about and accepting of our cockatiel than she is of him, for example. The conure is fine with sharing a play-gym with the tiel, but she isn't comfortable with it. I know several people with conures which spend time in a mixed group of birds during their day, when they're out of the cage. On the other hand, I don't think I would house them in the same cage unless it was very large, and they were proven 'good buddies'. You could put a couple of conures together, I think, if the cage was large enough - like a flight aviary - but birds need their own space in living room sized cages. And not all birds are as comfortable with shared space as a conure might be. Good luck!

I have read that Nandays get along great with Sun Conures and Green-cheeked Conures. I plan to get Dante a friend soon.                                                                                                                                             our nanday will set and preen and be preened by our green cheeked but has eyes for our sun he copys everything she does. if you put them in the same cage odds are they will bond and you will be on the outs with them.

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