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How much attention a day does a nanday need?

Mine needs attention just about every waking minute! But I allow him some quiet time for a nap each day!

My Ozzy needs attention from the time that I wake up until the time that he goes to bed. He will play happily on his cage if I'm just in the same room so that I don't have to be holding him or playing with him every waking moment.

My Sonny is very demanding on my time. If I leave the room, he screeches at me until I return and say Hello. When I am home, I spend most of the day with Sonny on my shoulder.

My Dante seems pretty happy even though I have to spend hours at school. It seems to help to keep another pet in the room, Dante is fond of my tortoise. And about Sonny, sitting on your shoulder is a sign of dominance, so you shouldn't let him do it. I've been advised not to coddle my bird, just like a toddler. :)

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