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Does my Nanday need a Happy Hut?

The short answer is no. Happy Huts and other sleep nests are marketed toward bird owners, not the birds.

Happy Huts can actually bring about undesirable behavior, particularly aggression. To understand why the Nanday life cycle in the wild has to be considered. For much of the year Nandays live in cooperative flocks. This flocking instinct is why our birds make excellent pets.

But for a few weeks out of the year, during breeding season, Nandays turn anti-social. The birds will defend the nest against any perceived threat even including other Nandays. So when we duplicate a nest in the form of the Happy Hut we're triggering the defensive posture in our birds.

Then there's the matter of the bird's sense of security. All birds on a nest in the wild are at risk of predation, much much more so than when on the communal night roost. That's the reason why birds only use nests during the breeding cycle, survival can depend on abandoning the nest as soon as possibly. Yet in our desire for our birds to have a proper bed, so to speak, we circumvent their instincts. Not really a formula for a truly happy bird.

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