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How can I make some safe, inexpensive toys for my Nanday?

Here are some cheap toy ideas.

A hit here is a bundle of straws with a plastic zip tie zipped tightly in the middle. It forms like a star. Some of my conure friends use colorful coffee stirrers. Zip ties can be found at Home Depot. Electricians use them to bundle wire.

Branches from bottle brush trees and orange trees. Sterilize the branches in the oven to kill bugs then pass them out. The birds love stripping bark. Flowers from the hibiscus bush are fun also and safe to eat. Just rinse them well.

A cotton glove filled with dry grass and crunchy stuff. Tie tightly on top and hang from the top of the cage. Conures love to chew through cloth; the holes in my shirts testify to that.

Birdie bagels. They are circles of compressed brown paper. Under a dollar and lots of shredding fun. You can find them at bird fairs and they also can be found at some stores online.

Get brown napkins (like from Taco bell) and tie them in bows for fun foot toys. Nandays love to shred newspaper - give them black and white newspaper, but not color pages. Popsicle sticks and old fashioned wooden clothes pins are great chewing fun. Search the dollar stores for good bird things. That is where you can often find the cotton gloves.

Purchase toy kits from . She will soon start selling toy parts also. You can get cute conure toys for under ten dollars. Toys for big birds run about fifteen in a kit.

Watch out for yarn in toys. It will snag toe nails and cause injury. So will soft cotton rope. Also watch out for rope that separates. Many a bird has been found hung in the cage because it got its head tangled up in a rope toy. I prefer sisal or poly rope for my toys. Never use any metal that you do not know for sure is stainless steel!

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