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I just recently got a nanday conure from a military family he is 10 years old and i was wondering if he will bind w us.. I hold him whenever i can and he lets me pick him up but i have to have a long sleeve on when i do it he lets me give him kisses and h

Absolutely yes! Our Nanday was given to us also at 10 years of age. His first year was with some lady and then he spent the next nine with a family that has a daughter our grown daughters age. They didn't have enough time for him and we took him. Today is our 3 year anniversary of accepting him. It took a little bit, we were a bit clueless since we never owned a bird. He is ok with my husband and attached to me. We keep him flighted mostly due to our dogs in the house (which are good to him) and for exercise. He is on me all the time. We play, we snuggle, we finger/beak wrestle, we hang out and watch TV or football. That first fall we had him he bonded with me while I watched the NFL, he hung out on me and I kept handling him. So if you are already able to do all of what you said, keep at it and he'll be fine. For me I cannot imagine not having him and feel as if he thinks the same for me. I don't know what he'd do if the previous owner came in. I'm so bonded with him I wonder if things are better for him here. I would think so if they didn't spend time with him. When I come home, my husband said he knows before the dogs bark that I'm home. He loves the change up of toys and loves to shred. He tosses/attacks a raisin box (small one)around the bottom of his cage. Anyway I am rambling but yes, at 10 years old they will bond with you.

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