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My 13 yr old Nanday "Nik" whom I have had since she was 4 mo just recently laid 2 eggs & then 6 weeks or so later laid another 2 eggs. Up until this point we believed she was a he (lucky for us the name is universal lol! Anyway we have been contemplating

After 10 years of co-habitation with our Nanday conure, our quaker parrot (15 years old) laid her first egg. It made us happy, but the vet warned us that it might be the source of trouble ahead. Sure enough, a week later she died, attempting to lay her second egg. He said that older birds often lack the calcium and muscle tone to lay eggs and recommended doing everything we could--reducing hours of daylight, removing anything conducive to hatching from cage, eliminating fresh veggies and fruit from diet--to discourage it. We followed his advise, giving her added calcium drops, etc, but it didn't work. The vet also told us that many hens--even young ones--are lost, as breeders know. But it was sad, and I don't know what prompts them to begin producing eggs so late.

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