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how do I get my nanday to stop bitting when I go to hold him?

slowly work up to it. He has to trust you before you can hold him. Try getting him off his cage or to a place where he feels safe and that you can work with him, perhaps a stand. Then work on step up and step down and simple excercises. Praise him when he does a good job. After a while of working with him, he'll understand that your ok and not going to hurt him and perhaps he'll let you cuddle him. Just remember, however, that if you try and pet him in a spot that he does not want to be touched, he'll respond with a nip or bite. His age and his circumstances all have alot to do with how well he progresses. If he has been re-homed and people ignored him in his last home it may be more difficult that if he is younger and yours is his first home. Oh, and don't forget that establishing a routine is a very good thing for a Nanday (or any bird), so that they know what to expect. For example my Nanday, Ozzy, knows when it's dinner time when we all sit down at the table which is not too far from his cage. When we start to eat he'll start eating his fresh veggies that we give him for "dinner".

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